As a bit of a gearhead, I was bound to have at least a portion of my website dedicated to the instruments and accessories I use most. Here goes… (pictures may be added in the future)


2015 Marchione solid body cedar electric guitar
2012 Greg Byers Classical, Spruce/E.I.Rosewood
2009 Republic Tricone Resonator, refretted in JI after a tuning developed by Lou Harrison
2002 Sobell Model 1
1998 Parker Fly Classic, featuring extensive rewiring for maximum flexibility by the great Gary Brawer

Also in the stable:
1994 Fabio Ragghianti Classical, Spruce/Maple
Special mention to McIlroy Guitars—I used an A25 for many years (including recording “Tones…”)


2016 Benson Monarch
1964 “Transitional” Fender Princeton, 1×10, Bias Tremolo, packs a lot of punch for the small size
1961 “Brown” Fender Pro, 1×15, Harmonic Tremolo. 50 lbs. of happiness.

Effects and Misc

Trombetta Mini-bone and Tornita! KS fuzzes
Moog MF104M Superdelay & Minifooger Ring Mod
Montreal Assembly Count to Five
Strymon Dig digital delay
Neunaber Slate reverb
Pigtronix Infinity Looper
Lehle volume pedal

Headway Preamplifier for the acoustic instruments
Line Audio CM3 condenser microphone