As a bit of a gearhead, I was bound to have at least a portion of my website dedicated to the instruments and accessories I use most. Here goes… (pictures may be added in the future)


2015 Marchione solidbody spanish cedar electric guitar
2012 Greg Byers Classical, Spruce/E.I.Rosewood
2009 Republic Tricone Resonator, refretted in JI after a tuning developed by Lou Harrison
2002 Sobell Model 1
1998 Parker Fly Classic, featuring extensive rewiring for maximum flexibility by the great Gary Brawer

Also in the stable:
1994 Fabio Ragghianti Classical, Spruce/Maple
Special mention to McIlroy Guitars—I used an A25 for many years (including recording “Tones…”)


2016 Benson Monarch
1964 “Transitional” Fender Princeton, 1×10, Bias Tremolo, packs a lot of punch for the small size
1961 “Brown” Fender Pro, 1×15, Harmonic Tremolo. 50 lbs. of happiness.

Effects and Misc

Trombetta Mini-bone and Tornita! KS fuzzes
Ghost Effects Tone Bender style fuzzes
Moog MF104M Superdelay & Minifooger Ring Mod
Montreal Assembly Count to Five
Strymon Dig digital delay
Meris Mercury 7 reverb
Lehle volume pedal

Headway Preamplifier for the acoustic instruments
Line Audio CM3 condenser microphone