catherine lamb // point/wave

"point/wave" is a long-form cyclical work by Catherine Lamb for steel-string acoustic guitar and Secondary Rainbow Synthesizer, an electronic instrument developed by Lamb and Bryan Eubanks that filters environmental sounds into lush waves of microtonal sonorities. This slowly-evolving work features justly-tuned steel string guitar and processed atmospheric sounds from outside my home in San Francisco. The download includes a detailed PDF booklet with images and analytical notes about the work. Released by Populist Records.

Best of Bandcamp Contemporary Classical, August 2020

"It is easy to admire the technical achievements here, and the excellent performance by Giacomo Fiore. The real significance of this piece, however, goes further. The processing of ambient street sounds into expressions of their essential tones allows the musician to interact with the environment on equal terms, using a common language. This makes the harmonic dialog that much richer and alters the traditional perspective of music as commentary. Point/Wave is expanding musical communication into a new and exciting place." Paul Muller, Sequenza21

cover image for point/wave release, with a set of four purple shapes offset from one another