An album of three pieces by Larry Polansky, featuring yours truly on every track and as overall co-producer. From shifting just intonation soundscapes to near-impossible guitar "translations," this is a trailblazing musical project for which I am both proud and grateful. Available 8/18 from Cold Blue Music through all major retailers, as well as here.

Audio CD $15.00

"(...)music of translucent texture and glistening detail undulating gently around a tambura-like electronic purr, diaphanous fabric responding to the shifting currents of a passing breeze"
——Julian Cowley, The Wire
"Hearing Polansky (fretless electric) and Fiore (standard electric) interweave makes for a fascinating listen. As their spidery tendrils criss-cross and occasionally unite, it's hard not to think of Derek Bailey, though other moments suggest ties to country blues playing and one riff even vaguely echoes “Ramblin' Man,” of all things."