lines and waves

From composer Lanier Sammons:
The recordings presented here emerged from an Arts Works Residency at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History. During the residency, I asked visitors to draw an image they’d like to have a musician turn into sound. I presented the visitors with grids and asked them to fill in a single cell. Initially, my plan was to combine individual contributions into curated scores, but I was delighted to discover that visitor enthusiasm exceeded my expectations. Folks almost always filled up all or most of the sheet with images, and each sheet felt like an independent, complete graphic score without any intervention from me needed. The contributors ranged from professional artists, like Carmina Eliason whose image is our cover art, to an infant doing his very first drawing on one of my sheets. Collected here are realizations of selected scores by Lucie Vítková and Giacomo Fiore, who were kind enough to come record in the museum gallery.

All tracks recorded live with no editing. My setup:
Parker Fly Classic E.Guitar (eBow and vibrato bridge)—Trombetta Tornita—Moog Minifooger Ring Mod—Lehle Volume Pedal—Montreal Assembly Count to Five—Hexe Revolver—Strymon Dig—Princeton 6G2